Brocade broccato

Fabric with raised patterns woven to imitate embroidery. Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads. The name, related to the same root as the word broccoli, comes from Italian broccato meaning embossed cloth, . Caffé Broccato is located in building of the San Jose Headquarters campus. Jump start your morning with freshly brewed… Caffé Broccato is located in . Named after the Italian translation for ‘brocade’, all six designs within the collection are inspired by the rich decorative fabrics featured in 14th and 15th century . Completo con gonna in broccato, Oscar de la Renta autunno-inverno 2016-2017. Le nom provient du mot italien broccato, qui signifie tissu gaufré.

Les motifs de la collection Omexco Brocades donnent l’impression d’être brodés sur des . Spanish brocado, from Catalan brocat, from Italian broccato, from broccare to spur, brocade, from brocco small nail, from Latin broccus projecting. Brocade is from The Broccato Papers, and is an elegant design with gothic influence and elaborate detailing of ornate floral, thistle and leaf motifs. Dolce Gabbana Tracolla Broccato Stam Circle Brocade Jacquard Crossbody Bb4942af644-8784 well-wreapped , durable modeling , free . BRlLLOsO (A), shiny BRILLANTE, bright, shiny, sparkling BROCADO, brocade BROCCATO BROCHE, clasp, fastener FERMAGLIO, clasp, .