Present your files in style as Plus lets you personalize WeTransfer by choosing your own background images. WeTransfer est un outil d’envoi de fichiers volumineux.

Outil simple, rapide et pratique, il vous suffit d’ajouter les fichiers, de préciser l’adresse e-mail de vos. J’utilise fréquemment wetransfer pour envoyer mes courts métrages. Les gros fichiers, c’est un peu la galère à envoyer.

Impossible de transmettre un fichier qui fait près d’un giga-octet par e-mail. Il y a 6 jours – So, you need to transfer a large file to someone online. Well, there are several options you have.

This depends on how you chose to upload the files. When you’ve uploaded using our free service, transfers are available for days. Hassle-free way to share photos and videos from your iPhone. WeTransfer is an iOS app that lets you send up-to.

Would you be interested in saving other kinds of content on Hypershoot in addition to screenshots?


What kind of files would you like to save? Retweet 1;4; Lee Turvey Marcin Zwolski El Colorado John Traver WillkingS. Optional, send supporting text, explaining the process of making of the . Latest Wetransfer off Less than $Promo code and Coupon code and Discount Code, Save – Now On Your Favorite Brands!

Pretty, simple website too – WeTransfer : wetransfer10. Download the bundle here , and thank you WeTransfer! Groothandel specialist op het gebied van ventilatie-, rookgasafvoertechniek en Centrale Stofzuig Systemen. Transfert de vos fichiers avec WeTransfer.

Where I can send thee ZIP with WeTransfer (57MB)?