How to make thermochromic paint

Thermochromic ink is paint that changes color when it is heated. You can create a range of color changes like green to blue or brown to purple. They involve some form of thermocolor (also referred to as thermochromic) pigment.

When heat is applie the black thermochromic paint turns. We were the first to sell Thermochromic Pigment on the Web. We always seem to have some left over special-order pigments that we can sell, so feel free to callĀ . Our Black Thermochromic pigment Heat Changing Paint is very popular and is great.

Thermochromic inks are pigments that change color to colorless at certain temperature. They have wide variety of inks with reaction temperature and colors. Have you ever imagined that you got your favourite coffee mug telling. With the help of thermochromic pigment, one could perform this task inĀ . Make your own mood rings, temperature gages, or whatever else your imagination comes up with.

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